David Gregory

David Gregory is the author of the bestselling Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, which hit the New York Times extended bestseller list, A Day with a Perfect Stranger, and The Next Level: A Parable of Finding Your Place in Life. His work has been highlighted in articles in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. He is also co-author of the nonfiction The Rest of the Gospel.

A business graduate of the University of Houston, David worked as a compensation analyst for consulting firms and a Fortune 500 company before earning graduate degrees at the University of North Texas and Dallas Theological Seminary. He served as a writer and editor at Exchanged Life Ministries Texas and Insight for Living before his career as a full-time author.

David has partnered with film producer Jefferson Moore in producing three movies in the Perfect Stranger series: The Perfect Stranger, Another Perfect Stranger, and The Perfect Gift. In May 2010, David released his first full-length novel, The Last Christian. In January 2016, David released his first political fiction novel, Patriot Rules, in partnership with Narwhal Press.

David writes of his own journey:

Most of my life has been a search of some sort. Having grown up in a nominally religious home, I was interested in discovering truth for myself as a teen. I attended some Bible studies. I went to Christian youth group meetings. The summer after high school graduation I approached the pastor of my family’s church and said, “I have the summer off. How could I get to know God?” His reply: “Serve in his church.” I served. I didn’t get to know God any better. I was still searching. My freshman year in college I took a credit course called “The Life and Teachings of Jesus.” A girl there invited me to her church. There, I understood for the first time a message I had heard numerous times before: as a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness, I could trust that Jesus had died for my sins, had risen from the dead, and would have a personal relationship with me through faith. I placed my trust in him. My search had ended – so I thought. In reality, it was just beginning. For though I knew immediately that something had changed within me, and that indeed I did have a new relationship with God, it wasn’t long before I discovered that I had to live this new life.

At first, that seemed easy. Gradually, as I allowed myself to become weighed down by the “to-do’s” of a religious subculture, living in a love relationship with the Creator of the universe no longer seemed so simple. Within a year, I felt like a failure at it. I began a many-year quest for how to live out this new life, a quest that has taken me through depths of biblical study, deserts of doubting God, experiences of community, stretches of self-examination, and, occasionally, streams of abundance.

In the process, I have grown in my desire to understand reality as it is (both the natural and spiritual realms) and how it intersects each of our lives, providing the opportunity for meaning and fulfillment. Each of my books reflects an aspect of that intersection as I have understood and experienced it.”