Do you have a series of audio messages that you would love to transform into a book, but you don’t have the time to write it yourself or $12,000 to pay someone to do it for you?

You don’t have to have either. I can create a high-quality book for you and place it on Amazon and in your hands, all with limited time commitment on your part and a much smaller financial commitment than you would imagine. So small, in fact, that selling just 500 copies of your own book will pay for the entire project. How is this possible? Because I bring a unique set of skills to this task:

  • Bestselling author of nine books
  • Professional editor with two Christian ministries
  • Theologically trained Dallas Seminary graduate
  • Owner of my own publishing company for fifteen years

In other words, I provide a one-man shop to produce and publish a manuscript that you will be thrilled with. And I work with a single graphic artist who does high-quality cover and interior book design. This means maximum quality, since your book project never leaves our hands, and minimal cost, since there is no large team to pay.

What will I do to your audio messages?

I will utilize both my writing and editing skills to create a high-quality, life-impacting book out of them. This will include organizing the material, writing chapter introductions and conclusions, writing transitions between paragraphs—in general, everything needed to make it a book that people will enjoy and greatly benefit from reading. Will your book become a bestseller? Who knows? But if God has given you a message that impacts lives, having it in print can greatly enhance your ministry.

So how much would this cost?

For a 150 page paperback (the typical book produced from eight to ten 40 minute messages), $6000. That’s half the price that you will find elsewhere. Why $6000? Because I want to make this affordable, and based on Amazon’s cost structure for authors, that’s how much profit you would make selling 500 books to your audiences at $15 apiece to recoup all of your costs. Everything over 500 books would simply be profit.

How does this process work?

You email me at [email protected] or call me at 541.760.3329. You point me to online podcasts of your messages (or send me CDs). I listen to them and we schedule a conference call to discuss your vision for the book. We then sign a contract for me to write one chapter for $250. I write the chapter and send it to you for your review. If you like it, we sign a contract for the entire project. I begin producing chapters, sending them to you one at a time for your review. You are free to make whatever changes you want. It’s your book, created from your material. Once we have a completed manuscript, I will do a final edit and proofread.

When we are both ready, I will send it to my graphic artist for her to design the interior and cover. We make any changes you want to make. When everything is ready, I will upload the book onto CreateSpace (Amazon’s self-publishing subsidiary). CreateSpace will provide a proof copy of the book for us to review. Once everything is just right on the book, I will upload it onto Amazon for print and Kindle sales. You order as many copies as you like as often as you like from CreateSpace.

CreateSpace offers an incredible deal on author books, which is what makes all of this financially feasible. A 150 page paperback (including shipping) costs about $3.00 apiece, whether you order one copy or a thousand copies. Sell copies to your audience at $15 apiece and you are making $12 per book. Sell 500 in person and the project has paid for itself. Everything after that is profit. (Sales of printed books on Amazon and Kindle ebooks earn somewhat less.)

What can you count on receiving in this process?

Here’s what you will receive by hiring me to write and publish your book:

  • Transcription of your audio messages (if needed)
  • A manuscript written, edited, and proofread to your satisfaction
  • Back cover copy for the book
  • A book cover (front, back, and spine) and interior book layout designed to your satisfaction
  • Your book (cover and interior) formatted for both print and ebook (Kindle) upload
  • An ISBN (barcode) registration and placement of the ISBN on the print book
  • A final proof print copy provided by CreateSpace
  • A CreateSpace account set up for you to order author copies, and instructions to make sure you understand how to order
  • Your book placed on Amazon for print and Kindle purchase, including a book summary and author bio
  • Continuous consultation with you as needed during each step of the process to ensure your complete satisfaction with the product

How long will it take to produce a book?

It depends on how much time you take to review what I have written and how many changes we make. But in general, we will be able to produce a book in less than three months.

How much time will you have to put into the process?

I do the writing. You simply review. You can put as much or as little time into that as you like. Either way, you’ll receive a quality manuscript and a quality book. You will find that I’m a real stickler for quality, both in book content and book design.

Whose name will be on the book?

Yours, of course. It’s your material. I’m just helping put your own material into written form. If you want to put my name on the cover in the form of “with David Gregory”, fine. If you just want to put my name on an acknowledgements page, great. If you don’t want to mention me at all, that’s OK, too. I’m just here to help you get your message out.

Can you hire me to market the book?

I don’t do marketing. But I am associated with a great outfit, Voixly (Visit Voixly), that does quality web design and effective online/social media marketing. I am very glad to set you up with them.

Are you ready to have your own book in hand?