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This remarkable devotional contains every praise to God, every thanksgiving to God, and everything easily turned into praise to God, in the Bible. They are not just based on God’s Word, they are God’s Word, simply turned into first-person praises to Him. The 31 sections of seven one-page praises are perfectly arranged to do what King David did, praising God seven times a day (for 31 days), or to praise God once a day (for 217 days), or anything in between. For the first time, it’s amazingly easy to do what God tells us dozens of times to do, and what Jesus himself did: “continually offer up a sacrifice of praise … giving thanks to His name.” 

David Gregory personally found that praising God’s own Word back to Him paves the way for God to work deeply in our own lives, focusing on God more than our circumstances, developing triumphant faith, knowing God’s love, and peace, and joy more deeply, growing in selflessly loving others, and experiencing Christ as our life more richly. 

Let the Spirit transform you through simply praising God!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Readers Chat”

  1. Really good job on Awesome. It’s what people need. It’s God’s Word. It gives people words they often cannot find to say what they want to say.

  2. I’ve been using Awesome as a devotional each morning. It means so much when I read it out loud slowly. On page 23, I got to the place where it said, ‘You are the true vine. I am a branch in you. Apart from you I can’t do anything.’ Wow! I had to reread that a few times. So good.

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